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Engagement in Italy, Turin: Paolo and Victoria

Engagement in Italy Turin

I’m so happy that more and more couples start getting profit from modern technologies available today. For example, my parents would never thought of having any kind of pre wedding or engagement video or even pictures. Everything was pretty simple: will you? — Yes! Let’s go get married. Today wedding …

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Engagement in Prague — spring photo session

Charle Bridge in Prague

Sukie and Wilson originally come from Mokao. Several months ago I received a quote from them with a request to organise for them an engagement photo shooting in Prague with a professional photographer Artur Jakutsevich. As the email said, they completely had fallen in love with the style of photography …

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Wedding in Chateau Challain: Kate and Jaroslav

Chateau Challain

Autumn 2012 brought Mongooses.TV studio many interesting projects in different parts of Europe. Professional photographers and event videographers reported a ‘crazy wedding’ in a Spanish Villa, where Kill Bill movie was filmed; several ceremonies in Prague followed by marriages in Rome. And one day I got a request to help the …

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Best wedding video: Anrej and Inna

After thousands wedding videos and pictures I have already seen, I came to one conclusion. Even if the author of the movie was not a professional videographer, the result is amazing. At least for two people who are present at the video. And if the event was professionally planned and …

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Romantic wedding in Prague: Azat & Tatjna

Romantic wedding in Prague

It was an amazing event held in the most attractive and beautiful gardens in Czech Capital — Vrtba Gardens. Romantic wedding in Prague of Azat and Tatiana, that I’m going to tell you about, was viewed through the lens of professional photographer Artur Jakutsevich. This project we started in advance. …

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Wedding photographer in Prague

Wedding photographer in Prague

Now, Artur together with wedding photo and video studio Mongooses.TV located in Prague cooperates with clients from all over the world, especially from European and Asian countries: Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Singapore and China. And with every months the geography is getting wider and wider. The plans for the following …

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Luxury wedding in Germany: Andreas and Tatiana

Luxury wedding in Germany

This luxury wedding in Germany was not only the first one held in this country, but also the begging of the season 2012 for Mongooses.TV studio. Professional wedding photographers and event videographers were kindly invited to report about the big day of  Tatiana and Andreas. The place where the event …

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Summer wedding ideas: Julia and Vladimir

Summer always brings incredible wedding projects with amazing couples and locations. The heat in close tandem with Champaign let people feel free and turn to life all the summer wedding ideas brides have. And this is the best conditions for the cameramen to work, since the brides and guests are …

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Orthodox wedding in Prague: Andrey and Julia

Religious wedding in Prague

Let me introduce you one of the most experienced couples Mongooses.TV professional wedding videographer Alexander Znaharchuk has been filming in Prague so far. Andre and Julia came to the capital of Czech Republic from the Northern Capital of Russia. St. Petersburg is well-known spot for architecture and art. Sometimes people …

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Superman engagement photo shooting

Engagement photo shooting is  a good opportunity for a couple to show their feelings toward each other, to express love or to become fairy tale heroes for a while. Every girl dreams of being a princess at least for a day and to spend this time with a real superhero. …

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Honeymoon in Rome: Daphne and Garry

Honeymoon in Rome

Honeymoon in Rome and Italy is a perfect solution for a trip after you get married. First of all the country is very reach on facilities where to spend your first family days. Someone likes to stretch the body on the seashore and enjoy hot italian sun. Other couples rent …

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Honeymoon in Prague: Slawomir and Julia

A lot of brides and grooms after they get married prefer not to waste time and go for a trip with a cameraman able to create interesting post wedding video. Slawomir and Julia decided to start their honeymoon in Prague. Those lovely days they were together with professional wedding photographer …

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Pre wedding video

Colourful pre wedding video

Every year more and more couples before getting married arrange either a pre wedding video or engagement photo shooting. They want not only to show friends and relatives how much they love each other, but also to see from aside what their love is like. Moreover these love story videos …

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Love story in Prague

Engagement in Prague

This love story began in Prague some years ago. David, a young student, was waiting for his friends in a bar. They were late. Trying to kill away the time, David looked around and met just the same searching sight straight ahead. There was no chance to hesitate. He took his …

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Engagement video in Prague

Prague engagement

The more wedding videographers from Mongooses.TV team travel around Europe and film romantic engagements or weddings, the more beautiful and lovely people they get acquainted with. Last summer Alexander Znaharchuk was lucky enough to make friends with David and Veronica – two cute students from Czech Republic. They watched some …

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