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Luxury wedding in Vrtba Gardens in Prague: Azat and Tatiana

When you start doing something it is hard to stop. I think that everyone has experienced such a feeling. European Wedding studio Mongooses.TV several years ago began creating short and long engagement and big day stories in different part of the world. One of such short stories is a luxury wedding in Vrtba Gardens of Prague: Tatiana and Azat and their little daughter.

Luxury wedding in Prague Vrtba Gardens

Wedding in Prague

The whole event was planned in order to show one young and very smart lady how strong her parents love their daughter and each other. The thing is that due to some circumstances Azat and Tatjana could have had gorgeous wedding ceremony already before. Therefore they just had exchanged the rings and only after several years found the possibility to come to Czech Republic, their dream city, and in the face of God and relatives to vow once again.

Wedding in Prague

Like any luxury wedding in Prague it was a very well-planned event. All the vendors: stylists, photographer and videographers, florists and decorators did utmost to make the atmosphere of celebration unique. Since the couple was a very experienced one it was obvious that they had certain vision of things. Therefore a lot of advanced planning was made. As a result we can enjoy amazing video and photo report from this big day.

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