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Best wedding video: Anrej and Inna

After thousands wedding videos and pictures I have already seen, I came to one conclusion. Even if the author of the movie was not a professional videographer, the result is amazing. At least for two people who are present at the video. And if the event was professionally planned and filmed, it becomes a certain pattern for brides and cameramen. The latter upload the video to various internet channels to promote themselves and of course they participate in competitions. So, today we will watch a bright example of best wedding video by Mongooses.TV

How to create best wedding video?

The first thing and the most difficult issue in work professional cameramen produce is to convince the couple that they are unique and there is no need to hide their characters behind the masks. Usually people underestimate their potential and need time to acknowledge the fact. Therefore videographers have to do a lot of advanced work in order to create really special or even best wedding video.

Best wedding video

While planning this wedding project Alexander Znaharchuk met several times with the brides. Andrew and Inna are amazing and lovely people very much in love with each other and thus a bit scattered. They both had many ideas of how to plan their big day as well as wedding highlishts, what to do and where to go with the friends. Nevertheless Inna had rather a strict planning of the day, what was really good to know.

The big day

In order to fulfil all the ideas some days before the ceremony Alexander met the couple in order to take interviews. The latter became a very significant part of the wedding movie produced by Mongooses.TV. There were some tricky questions that had to puzzle lovely bride Inna and her future husband, but as it turned to be both of them answered the questions very easy with no confusion.

What does videographer has to do at an event? First of all to see thing happening around in order to have chance to capture the moments and of course not to interfere into the process with his personal point of view. In this case he is able to make an interesting and true wedding film. And that is the difference between journalistic and directing methods of filming.


The wedding of Andrej and Inna was full of events, smiles, and tears, dancing and of course love. Therefore professional videographers managed to film and edit a movie that was given the highest price. In competition on www.eeva.pro Mongoses.TV wed studio received the first price in nomination best wedding video (Same day edit). If you like the video, your comments are welcome! Share it and like it!

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