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Wedding in Chateau Challain: Kate and Jaroslav

Autumn 2012 brought Mongooses.TV studio many interesting projects in different parts of Europe. Professional photographers and event videographers reported a ‘crazy wedding’ in a Spanish Villa, where Kill Bill movie was filmed; several ceremonies in Prague followed by marriages in Rome. And one day I got a request to help the couple to organise their big day in France. This destination and very luxurious wedding was held in Chateau Challain.

Wedding in Chateau Challain

Why did they decide to get married in France?

Ekaterina and Jaroslav decided to get married in France due to several reasons. First of all she loves this country and her favourite and beloved city is Paris. Kate is keen on fashion and she could not, but convince her future husband to arrange the celebration in one of the romantic castles of France. Since he likes historical places and legends he agreed. Moreover the idea to escape from Moscow rush was a good one not only for the brides, but also for the close circle of relatives, who were invited.

Chateau Challain

Chateau Challain

When Chateau Challain manager agreed to host the guests and to organise the event, the brides started to look for wedding videographers in Europe, able to create a unique and romantic wedding video. Kate had spent several sleepless nights watching the works of various event cameramen, but most of all she loved portfolio of Alexander Znaharchuk and his team. After several email exchanges and wedding packages discussed, Kate and Jaroslav agreed upon the video studio for their big day in France.

Chateau Challain

The day before the wedding everyone arrived in Chateau de Challain where Cynthia, the manager and the owner of the castle, greeted the guests. During a very lovely and family like dinner all the plans and the details of the wedding day were discussed and refreshed. The first impression everyone had after communication with Cynthia was: “she is so friendly and so flexible”.

Luxury destination wedding venue

Chateau de Challain gives many opportunities for a couple to make any destination wedding day unique and atmospheric. It doesn’t really matter, whether you are planning to have a symbolic wedding just for you two or invite as many guests as possible. All the rooms are furnished the way they used to look several centuries ago. Huge garden with a lake and picturesque views let the guests walk and enjoy fresh air. There is a local church, where the ceremony usually takes place, provided the couple would like to have one.

Chateau de Challain gives many opportunities

At this very wedding everything was well-planned. There was no rush and everything went smoothly. After breakfast the brides went on a promenade around the Chateau to see possible venues for video filming and having fun with guests. Event videographers at that moment were shooting the first frames of interiors and exteriors. It was the first wedding in France, therefore everybody from the crew were pretty excited: new country, new culture, and a new couple. By the way in the picture below there is the very bad room where the brides spent their first night. Is not it amazing?

Bed and breakfast in Chateau Challain

Make up and hair style

Cynthia has a big list of wedding vendors, who perform various services, therefore the brides don’t have to bother and trouble themselves with searching stylists and make up artists. So they both arrived and stole the bride and started to get her ready for the ceremony. Thus Jaroslav had another hour to spend with his relatives and to enjoy the beauty of the ancient rooms in Chateau de Challain.

Wedding make up

Wedding ceremony

Soon the bell in the church started to ring announcing that soon one more couple was going to get married in very romantic place according to French traditions. And here is another positive option of have a wedding in this very castle, everything is located in one territory, therefore the couple does not need any cars for rent to get from place to place.

Luxury wedding in Chateau Challain

The ceremony was very solemn, but not too long. Ekaterina and Jaroslav prayed. The priest congratulated the newlyweds and wished them happy and long life.


After the ceremony guests together with the newlyweds were back to the Castle where everybody had first chin-chin. Cynthia invited local band to perform during the evening and to entertain the guests while Jaroslav and Ekaterina went with videographers for wedding video shooting in and around French castle.

One can plunge into the beauty of this wedding in France and the atmosphere of Chateau de Challain while watching video produced by professional event cameramen of Mongooses.TV studio.

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