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Dancing wedding in Prague: Natali and Andrey

Dance-dance-dance! This was a real dancing wedding in Prague timed by Alexander Znaharchuk and Kristina Kremko. I hope you enjoyed the video and know I will tell you some facts about the event and of course about the couple. By the way it was their first visit to Czech Capital, therefore every single stone, bridge, building awoke true and very sweet emotions.

Destination wedding

The brides: Natali and Andrey are super lovely and nice people. They are keen on travelling therefore engagement a common decision was made: to have a romantic destination wedding. But it was pretty hard to choose the place. Together we considered several variants: Rome, Barcelona, French Chateau and Prague. Due to the fact, the they wanted to have a civil marriage, Spain and France were excluded from the list, since it is pretty hard to have their a real destination wedding.

So two possibilities remained: wedding in Italy or wedding in Czech Republic. To my mind this is a very hard choice. Both countries give opportunities for brides ti have their big day celebration. But after consulting with friends, parents and me, after watching marriages in Prague Natali was full in love with the beauty of the city and that was the final decision. Anrey had only to agree.

Getting married in Vrtba Gardens

Quest number two was to choose the place of registration. Wedding was planned for summer and I suggested arranging the ceremony in Vrtba Gardens. I personally love this place very much. First of all it is hidden behind ancient walls and it is very important for such a sacrament as marriage. Also it is an open air location, that suits all types of weddings: civil, symbolic, religious and event wedding just for two don’t look ’empty’.

Natali listened to my reasons and descriptions of the place, watched some wedding photos and agreed. She asked me not to show them the place before the big day. She wanted to experience all the beauty of Gardens just that very moment when they got married.

Dancing all the time

Natali is a professional actress and performs on stage in different plays. Andrey is a person with perfect mood and positive view over any situation. From the very moment of their wedding day in Prague Natali was dancing and singing, just as her future husband did. When they met it was a real explosion of emotions. On their way street musicians were playing all the time. It seemed the the whole city was singing and dancing with the brides! If you enjoyed this video about dancing wedding in Prague, feel free to comment and share this article with your friends.


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