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If you plan to have a luxury destination wedding in Italy, there are numerous variants of where and how to celebrate the big day. Italy is  amazing country and one is sure to find something people calla a dream place. Together we will try find our some issues that has to be considered before you buy the wedding dress and the plane tickets.

What to start with?

The starting point in planning a luxury destination wedding either in Italy or any other location, is pretty a task. To many question lovely bride wants to ask, to many internet pages give different information about the issue, to little time is left for planning. Therefore I tried to accumulate certain information and to make a kind of guid line for you to follow and to be a success in planning your most beautiful and thrilling day in life. Or is it going to be the smoothest and easy going? It all depends on you, my dear.

Luxury destination wedding in Rome
Symbolic wedding in Rome, photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Basically if you don’t have a European passport and are not familiar with all necessary rules and legal documents that regulate civil procedures in Italy, it is better to start searching for a professional wedding planner in your dream place. And here I can only say, that among all the professionals working in this field, you should find the one, who can you easily communicate with, since all the planning is done by means of e-mails and phone calls. If you live in the USA or China, for example, it is not pretty easy to travel to Europe every week to check all the details of your future wedding in Italy.

Therefore I strongly urge you to find a pretty talkative person with strong knowledge of both English and Italian languages in order to omit any inconvenience in communication both between the couple with wedding planner and wedding planner with authorities, hotels, drivers and others. How to find a proper candidate? I personally know several reliable specialists in the sphere and would recommend them with pleasure.

Why to have a wedding planner in Italy?

This is going to be a person, who helps to find and book the venue. If you plan to get married in Italy, you’d better start with checking several venues in advance. To tell the truth sometimes it is extremely difficult  to find contact with the land lord. From my personal experience I can say that our of ten locations you email to, one will answer to you within 2 days, some 4 within a week and the rest may give you no reply after your first later. To say that they are lazy? No, they are not. But this is the way italians live and they call it “we work relax, no hurry, no hurry”.

Wedding planner in Europe
Your wedding planner in Italy —Vladimir Novikov

Therefore I strongly recommend to start planing your luxury destination wedding in Italy at least one year before the event. This way you are almost sure to find a proper place where to get married, to book it and solve all other problems, find the vendors and get ready. But all these should be done with help of a professional and enthusiastic planner.

Destination wedding locations in Italy

One day I will do my best and will collect all the possible big day venues in every country. So far I can only assure you, that there are enough of them in Italy. Speaking about the places where to get married, we should look at the map and dived the country for several areas, that have well-developed infrastructure. So these are:

As you see, there are some places to choose among, aren’t there? One the one hand it is fantastic to have such variety, on the other — you have to make your choice, what is pretty a task. Well, of course it all depends on personal preferences and interests and of course the budget. To be a success with finding a destination wedding location in Italy you have to make a right triangle with picks: Wishes-Facilities-Budget. If everything matches well, go for it! I will do my best to assist you with the choice and sincere recommendations. Specially for my Italian couples, I mean those willing to get married in this amazing country, I made a short review of these locations. To make them true to life I studied carefully hundreds of reviews and wedding testimonials. So, I believe my work will help you with your big day planning.


While collecting information about this part of Italy I spent much time on reconsidering, what information to omit in order not to change the title “wedding in Italy” for “wedding in Tuscany”. The region is known as a cultural part of Italy, where the famous italian Renaissance was born. Seven venues were included into the list of World Heritage. Hence, there is no need to say, that the number and choice of wedding locations is huge. Depending one the budget, type of the wedding: symbolic, traditional, modern, civil, religious or any other, there is your personal dream place, believe me. You may choose among numerous luxury historical or private villas, castle and farmhouses. Just in case, here is the Official Facebook page of the region https://www.facebook.com/VisitTuscany

Destination wedding location in Tuscany


This is the heart of Tuscany region. In the Middle ages this city used to play a very important role in life of Europe, not only Italy. Therefore the place was influenced by various factors, of course in positive way. That is why today one can find Florence interesting and exciting. It is one of the 100 most visited cities in the world. It is included into Unesco World Heritage Site. And yes, there are huge opportunities for couples to get married in Florence.

Wedding in florence


Another Italian city that has found a place in the World Heritage Site. If you passion is water, than it is one of the best solutions for your destination wedding in Italy. Venice is structured on 118 separate islands, which are linked by means of bridges and gondolas. This is a very romantic city. I have never seen a person who did not get fascinated with Venice views. Mostly the couples come here for engagements and honeymoon trip, though real and symbolic weddings are also possible and can be organised.

Luxury wedding in Venice

Amalfi Coast

One of the places that is extremely popular with the tourists throughout  the year, since the climate is very comfortable both in winter and in summer. Brides from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Asia consider Amalfi Coast as a dream place for their luxury destination wedding in Italy. Why? Just have a look at the picture below. Seaside, gorgeous architecture, high quality service and of course huge variety of venues: Villas, restaurants, SPA hotels, churches and mountains. Even the most unpredictable desire may come true in the Coast.

Wedding in Amalfi coast


Well, it is one of the most difficult destination to describe, because as any capital Rome makes you love the it and every time you visit the city and reveals something new. That is why it is hard ti sum-up the information and give certain answer: why and where to get married in Rome. No doubt that unique and ancient architecture attracts, but there is another side of the issue. To my mind these are the people. Though they are very slow with decision making, they are beautiful and charismatic. Your destination wedding in Rome can be symbolic or civil, depends on you, but remember, early planning saves your nervous and money.

Wedding in Rome

Italian Riviera

A tiny stripe on the map of Italy between the sea and Alps mountains tightened by France and Tuscany region. Italian Riviera is like a hidden and a very secure place. From our experience we can recommend it as a yacht wedding location. Of course there are luxury villas with spectacular views and impressive sunset and dawns. It is a very romantic location, very mostly symbolic weddings take place. Also Riviera is popular for honeymoons and engagements.

Wedding in Italian Riviera

Italian Lakes

The list of the lakes in Italy includes 14 biggest ones. Among them the most popular wedding destinations is Como Lake: charming and very solemn place. It is the third largest and one of the deepest in Europe, about 400 meters. May that is why so many brides choose it as a locations: their love is as deep as the lake. Views in the area are just incredible: the lake, mountains — just pure nature. The only thing, Como Lake is super popular place with thousands of tourists. Though there are some hidden areas, where you wedding can be held far from fuss and noise. Other italian lakes are also worth considering, but I will make a special article about the lakes in Italy where to get married.

Wedding in Como Lake


According to several different books I read about Italy and its culture, Umbria is one of the tastiest areas. There are a lot of little villages hidden behind numerous hills and mountains, where from ancient times various products are produced according to customs and traditions of ancestors. Therefore so called ecological weddings or wedding in villages are extremely popular there. Though traditional, civil and religious marriages take place as well.

Wedding in Umbria


This is the northern part of Italy that was greatly influenced by the neighbouring Austria. People are quite different from the southern part of the country, though there are Italians. It means that you are sure to love the food they cook, to get charmed with the charismatic people you will meet and of course you will enjoy your luxury destination wedding in Friuli. Unlike the other parts of Italy described above, Friuli has comfortable weather from April to October.

Wedding in Friuli

San Marino

It is not exactly Italy, since San Marino is an independent state in the middle of Italy. It is the smallest country in the World. I would call it a city with its constitution. Look, they have about 60 square kilometres of territory with population of 32 000 people. Since they claim San Marino to be one of the oldest countries in Europe, all the citizens are sure to be relatives. May here is the reason, why all the event held there are so well planned. Try to have your destination wedding in San Marino to feel how amazing this place is.

Wedding in San Marino


Due to cinematography to my mind Sicily is one of the famous areas in Italy. It has its character. People are quite different, cuisine, music, art  arts, literature and of course architecture. Sicily was influenced by lots of factors therefore it is so vary today. If you people to have a wedding or a honeymoon in Sicily, it is sure to something close to crazy. Believe me, even a well-planned event will have some peculiar features typical to this area. Which ones? You will see yourself.

Wedding in Sicily


Wedding in Aqulia as a perfect solution for those of you, who is keen on discovery, ancient settlements, trips and of course mountains and see locations. This area is the very heel of the Italian shoe all surrounded with big water. Quite many historical places are situated in Aqulia, therefore any event held, is sure to have very traditional atmosphere, since local culture was influenced by Greeks and of course Romans. The other side is that Aqulia is a very dry region with extremely hot summers. Be prepared for this, when planning your engagement, wedding or honeymoon.

Wedding in Apulia

What kind of wedding to have in Italy?

Every area and location stated above can be used for any kind of wedding ceremony you would like to have. Italian legislation is pretty flexible therefore destination weddings are so popular in Italy. Unlike Spain or France, this country gives the right and opportunity for foreigners to have a civil, traditional-religious or a symbolic wedding.

Wedding ceremony

Symbolic wedding

There are certain brides who wish to have a symbolic wedding ceremony after they got married in their country. There are several reasons for this. Most of all such an event are planned in order to gather relatives and friends in a luxury location with vast facilities, gorgeous views and delicious cuisine — to make the dreams come true.

Symbolic marriage in Italy can be organized easily in any location you want to: seaside, mountains, villas, gardens and hotels. So, catch your opportunity and make your dream wedding true.

Civil marriage

Civil marriage in ItalyAccording to Italian law, women are not allowed to get married less then 300 days after divorce or death of husband. Therefore if you plan to have a civil ceremony in Italy, it is necessary to get  a Nulla Osta, a certificate of No Impediment.

The document is issued by the Embassy or Consulate of your country of origin in Italy. Mind, that they are valid for 6 months only. The Nulla Osta is issued in Italian, no need to translate it. Actually, this is the most important paper you have to be issued while getting ready for your big day in Italy.

Religious wedding

Being the heart of catholic religion, Italy gives opportunities for couples with various churches to get married here. Depending on your believes, I can suggest variants and locations. Most popular religious wedding in Italy are: catholic, orthodox, protestant and jewish.

Services and packages

My experience in the sphere helps to gather only professional wedding venders to make every event a masterpiece. So the brides coming to get married in Italy usually share the responsibilities and just make correction to the plan. So the basic range of extra services is:

  • wedding photography
  • wedding videography
  • makeup
  • stylist
  • florist
  • catering
  • music
  • master of ceremony
  • luxury cars rental

Though there are many other options available. Believe me, any your wish may come true, if you truly wish it! Send me your request for a destination wedding in Italy with help of the contact form below and get the information within 24 hours.

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