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Engagement in Italy, Turin: Paolo and Victoria

I’m so happy that more and more couples start getting profit from modern technologies available today. For example, my parents would never thought of having any kind of pre wedding or engagement video or even pictures. Everything was pretty simple: will you? — Yes! Let’s go get married. Today wedding industry gives real freedom for our imagination. Brides envent stories and travel much to destination locations to have a photo shooting or video filming. But some lucky couples already live in amazing places. Among them: Paolo and Victoria. Enjoy reading and watching a gorgeous pre wedding video: engagement in Italy and Turin.

Engagement video


Turin is a big city. According to wikipedia there live about 900 000 people. Quite many. Among them Paolo and Victoria. These cuties got acquainted by chance and fell in love from the first sight. Paolo and his family have been living in Turin for several hundreds years, therefore when our brides made friends and started real relations Victoria decided to move to Turin. And she was absolutely right with her choice.


Turin has strong industry, but surprisingly it is very clean and cosy in the streets. In Turin one can easily find amazing attraction and places to go. Therefore Victoria agreed. And one day she got up and could not feel her beloved by her side. At first it was a shock, then came relief and excitement of the moment.

Will you?

Pre wedding video

The moment was really unique. Paolo decided to ask the questions, that all the girls dream to hear one day, in a very special way. Actually the whole engagement in Turin and Italy was carried out with help of handmade present from groom to bride. It was a huge book that includes all the emails, massage and correspondence between him and her. Victoria could not stop crying. She was super happy and of course she said “Yes”!

Engagement video in Italy

Engagement video in Turin

Alexander Znaharchuk spent several days in Turin with lovely couple filming their love and relationships. As he said in his wedding blog: ‘It was very easy to film so sincere people in such a beautiful place as Turin’. And it is true, that  Paoplo and Victoria are very sincere. You just have to watch this video, to see the tears and smiles, kisses and hugs, to realise how much these two love each other. If you like this engagement video filmed in Italy and Turin, please share it with your friends and of course your comments are welcome!


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