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Engagement in Paris: Alvin and Tong Tong

Alvin and Tong Tong — a sweet couple from Singapore. Before the marriage they decided to tour Europe and to have engagement photo shooting in Paris and Prague. As it was their first trip to Europe, we had a lot of communication with the couple to clear all the issues and to ask each other all the questions. That is why, both for the brides and professional photographer in Prague and Paris it was pretty easy to cope.

Engagement in Paris

Engagement in Paris part one

Dear readers, get ready and take some popcorn with you, since the story I’m going to tell you is pretty long and very interesting (I hope so) and of course there are many engagement photos taken in different parts of Paris. The plan for the shooting was the following: morning (in wedding dress and suit) and evening (a casual photo shooting).

Engagement in Paris photo shooting


Early in the morning about 6 a.m. the brides left the hotel and were on the way to the most popular hill in Paris. Montmartre was absolutely empty at this time of the day. No tourists around and only amazing views of Paris.


This attraction is always overcrowded with people. Just try to make such a picture at 10-11 a.m or later. No way to success. There will be hundreds of models posing and hundreds of photographers and people with cameras.

Pre wedding in Paris photo

Step by step Alvin and Tong Tong were getting closer to their big day. But with every step taken they got more sure that they both had made the right choice. Therefore such a thing as engagement photo shooting is so important.


Vertical gardens in Paris

Walking around Paris you may find very interesting characters and places. Such a one are vertical gardens. This is absolutely amazing construction. Just try to imagine that grass and bushes grow not horizontally, but vertically. The walls of the houses can be real gardens.

Vertical gardens in Paris

Wedding photographer in Paris Artur Jakutsevich tells us about this place in his blog.

Wedding photographer in Paris

Camp de Mars

Some amazing engagement pictures were taken in Camp de Mars when the sun was already high and tourists started to get into the camera.

Engagement in Paris

Wedding photographer in Paris

One the way back to hotel wedding photographer in Paris Artur Jakutsevich suggested going by metro. And this picture below was taken there.

Photographer in Paris

Engagement in Paris: part two

After several hours of sleep Alvin and Tong Tong met with their Paris photographer to continue engagement photo shooting. But now they were not wearying wedding dress and suit. As I’ve said this part of the shooting was a casual one.

Engagement in Paris photo shooting


The venue where these pictures were taken is a well-know and one of the most popular museums in the whole world — Louver. There is a garden where in romantic atmosphere in the shades of the trees one can meet the end of the day. But after sleeping well the brides were pretty active and wanted to have fun.

Pre wedding photography

Some very classical pictures.

Engagement photo

lovers in Paris

And of course as any engagement photo shooting in Paris this particular one included locations with gorgeous view over the Elf Tower.

Engagement photo shooting in Paris

Below you may watch engagement in Paris slideshow.

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