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Engagement in Prague — spring photo session

Sukie and Wilson originally come from Mokao. Several months ago I received a quote from them with a request to organise for them an engagement photo shooting in Prague with a professional photographer Artur Jakutsevich. As the email said, they completely had fallen in love with the style of photography and were crossing their fingers to have a vacant date in Artur’s schedule. Luckily there was one!

Engagement in Prague spring photos

Getting ready to visit Prague

As usually with projects like this, we discussed the basic organisational issues to see that the both sides understood what they could expect from each other. Luckily all the questions were asked and the answers were given and there was the only thing to do, but to wait until spring comes to Prague and together with it our lovely Sukie and Wilson visit Czech Capital in order to plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient city and of course to have engagement photos taken for them.

Engagement in Prague

As almost all the asian couples we have been working with in Europe come here to see the historical places and to enjoy the architecture, since in their countries it is close to impossible to find such bridges like Charles Bridge or cathedrals like the St. Vitus in Prague. They do admire every stone, every street and every corner.

Charle Bridge in Prague

 Spring in Prague

What was so particular about this  very engagement photo session? It was held in amazing period of time when the Magnolia flowers are in bloom.  It is always hard to predict weather changes in Czech, since it is surrounded with the mountains and is influenced by the winds and clouds coming, which are accumulated above Prague. One year in April it is already hot, the other — quite chilly.

Engagement in flourishing Prague

Spring 2013 in Czech Capital was not stable as well. There were several days of sunny sky proceeded with rainy mornings and very cold temperature. Though all the wedding and about wedding projects held in Prague were warmed with the feeling and emotions of the couples, especially with smiles of lovely brides.

Photosession in Prague with wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich

That very morning

The morning when Sukie and her future husband met with popular wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich to start their engagement shooting in Prague was chilly, but with every hour spent the weather became warmer and warmer.

Pre wedding photo shooting in Prauge

The photo shooting started from the Venceslav Square, the most popular location in Prague. In order to avoid overcrowded engagement photos they started early in the morning, when the tourists were still in their cosy hotel rooms and only few locals were going to work. Sukie and Wilson were a bit confused to see the city empty, but of course they liked it.

Wedding photographer in Prague

This engagement project was split into two parts: classical and casual. As it is usually happens with couples traveling from far distances to Prague  they take several dresses and suits to change. You see, the cold morning was getting warmer with every step!

Wedding in Prague

Wilson decided to remember how he made his beloved lady offer. “Will you?”

Engagement in Prague photo

Of course, Wilson, she will! A very lovely couple, but with very reserved way of expressing the feelings. But such a feature is typical almost for every asian couple. They don’t feel like kissing in front of the camera or surrounded by unknown people.

Prague photo

Engagement in Prague

I had a chance to ask the couple several question while we were discussing the rout and details of the shooting.

— Why did you decided to travel to Prague and Czech Republic? What is so special for you in this part of the world?
— You know, in our region one can hardly find such a dense concentration of historical heritage, impressive buildings and such an impressive atmosphere. When I saw the pictures from Prague, my friends brought back home from the trip, I completely had fallen in love with your city.

Engagement photographer in Prague

— We have some experience in working with the couples from Asia and have noticed, that most of them bring not only the wedding dress and suit, but also some casual clothes. Why so?
— Personally for me and Wilson it is important to have some classical photos with us and views of the most recognisable places in Prague. But also I would like to have some fun as well! Though we may look a bit conservative, we are very cheerful. One of the must see places we want to see the the Lennon Wall!

John Lennon Wall in Prague

During the first part of the shooting Artur showed the couple from Mokao the historical part of Prague. Sukie was wearing the snow-white wedding dress and Wilson was in a dark suit. They both fit the architecture and the view of oldish streets.

Prague engagement photos

After several hour of touring Prague with a professional photographer, the engaged went to their hotel to change the looks. For the casual shooting Wilson decided to have the same suit and Sukie, as true girl chose the bluish dress.

Photographer in Prague

By that time the sun was warming the hills of Prague and people started to appear at the streets. Even the hidden Lennon Wall was a busy place. The finny idea Sukie suggested was several shoot of Mortal Combat style, when she hits her beloved with an invisible ball of power and hi jumps. Funny things are always funny and it is important to have during any pre wedding photo session various pictures.

John Lennon Wall in Prague

The following place was the Petrin Hill. It always opens picturesque views over Prague! But that day this attraction brought the visitors also unique impressions. Those days amazing numerous Magnolia trees were attracting attention of the tourists. Sukie and Wilson were very inspired with such a beauty.

Petrin hill in Prague

Closer to midday, both photographer and the brides felt a bit tired, because as usually no transport was used. All the places visited are mostly located in pedestrian zones, therefore planning you trip to Prague, be aware that one should walk much. Though you get tired, it is very healthy and interesting. Walking you discover more, since you are flexible and free to choose your rout.

Sum up

To sum up this story I would like to give some random pictures taken in:

  • Wallenstein Garden

Wallenstein Garden

  •  John Lennon Wall

Prague John Lennon Wall

  • Petrin hill

Petrin hill

  • and some other places

Pre wedding photography

  • and one more

Engagement Prague

After the shooting Sukie and Wilson discovered some interesting places of Czech Republic and went home to get ready for the big day and wait till their engagement photos from Prague are ready!

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