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Engagement photo shooting in Prague: Angela and Lin

Icreadible picture, isn’t it? A bit dark, but very atmospheric. With shade of mistery and very airy. To my mind it fully reflects the message Lin and Angela decided to send their relatives and friends when they decided to have an engagement photo shooting in Prague with a professional wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich.

Wedding in Prague

In the picture you may see the brides and the statue of a man, who is always sculptured with five stars above his head. His name is John of Nepomuk (Czech: Jan Nepomucký). He is a national Saint of Czech Republic and is honoured in many other European countries. John used to a vicar and new confessions of all the royal family. One day he was thrown from the Charles Bridge for protecting the secret of confession. The thing is that the wife of King Wenceslas betrayed her husband and John knew this, but would never reveal the secret. A true protector of love, I would say. This is one of the reasons, of his popularity.

Charles Bridge

Moreover the most visitable statue of the John Nepomuk is located on the Charles Bridge. According to the legend one may make a wish and it is sure to come true. I tried myself, it really works. But, you have to believe, follow the method and of course not to wish something material, but spiritual.

Charles Bridge

 Angela and Lin while searching the net and getting ready to come to Prague studied a lot of material, photos and videos. And when they came to Czech Capital they completely fell in love with the main Bridge of the city — Charles Bridge. Therefore the engagement shooting was started from this attraction, early in the morning when it is almost empty.

Prague wedding photography

After the romantic pictures were taken, it was high time to warm up a bit. April in Prague is not the most comfortable time to wear a wedding dress only for long time. Thus the following spot of the rout was the Lennon Wall — the place were one feels very easy after gothic looks of Prague.

Lennon Wall in Prague

Lennon Wall Prague photography

It is one of the most colourful places in the city, therefore couples either during engagement shooting or wedding do invent something special. Jumping is one of the beloved activities at the Wall. Even though, every couple is unique with the attempts. Moreover Lennon Wall is alive and every day is renovated with hands of painters from all over the world. You are also welcome, to leave something special: a drawing, a quote, a poem.

Pre wedding photo in Prague

After the most painted wall of Prague was discovered together with professional wedding photographer continued walking along ancient streets of Mala Starna in the direction of Manesuv Bridge, where swans usually gather to get some bread from the locals and tourist. Angela was extremely excited when she knew that she would have a chance to feed the swans.

Wedding photographer in Prague

Red roofs of Prague

One of the most significant part of any photo shooting in Prague for all the couples are the red roofs. You can’t but fall in love with the panoramic view that opens from several spots in Prague Castle, Petrin Hill, Vrtba Gardens or other high locations.

Prague red roofs

Even this engagement pictures taken in pretty chilly April morning looks warm with the shades of red roofs on the background, doesn’t it? This spot was the least, but not the last for the shooting. After the brides changed their clothes in the hotel they went to Vysehrad — a very impressive area of Prague.

Prague photo engagement

As you see Angela decide to wear another dress to change the image. And it is a very typical feature of all the Asian couples travelling to Europe either to have engagement or honeymoon shooting. They choose not only luxurious locations, but also very impressive clothes. Find the brides!

Engagement in Prague

That was in amazing day. The weather was playing a game with Lin and Angela. In the morning it was pretty chilly, it was sunny a bit and at the end of the shooting it started to snow!


Enjoy this slide-show with engagement photos captured in Prague. Your comments are welcome as well as reposts, likes and sharing.

Engagement in Prague — Помолвка в Праге from Mongooses.TV studio on Vimeo.

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