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Extreme Wedding in Spain, Almiral de la Аont

davDo you remember the Kill Bill Movie? Do you remember the place where Bill was killed by Black Mamba in the second part? So, I have an impressive video from that very villa. Last September a very special and even extreme wedding took place in Almiral de la Aont. The brides, invited about 30 guest — only close friends and relatives to rock and party hard.

Almiral de la Аont — amazing destination wedding location is Spain

The villa is located in Spain and due to its age is guarded by the government. Almiral de la Аont is a very popular venue for parties and other events, therefore it’s hard to get in there. But if one manages to book it, for sure he gets a real piece of cake. The villa gives enormous opportunities either for either friends or family party.

Almiral de la Аont

There is enough room to settle the tables, to dance, to swim, to relax as well as too sleep. I counted about 10 sleeping rooms with huge beds. The villa is everybody friendly: there are great facilities for kids and adults. Moreover the house is situated in the mountains and there are almost no neighbours around. And of course Almiral de la Аont is very attractive for couples willing to have their destination wedding in Spain and to make the event luxurious and unforgettable.

A seaside wedding ceremony in Sitges

Closest town to Villa is Sitges. If you google this place, you will find lots of information, that Sitges is a gay capital of Europe. Actually it is and when you get there you can easily notice it. But the marriage was a classical one. It was just a co-incidence. Though it was a good one, since Sitges is a very beautiful place, with great Mediterranean architecture and gorgeous seaside, where the wedding ceremony was held.

Seaside wedding ceremony in Sitges Spain

Some sweet pictures with views.

Weddins in Spain

Evening Sitges.

Wedding in Sitges

Extreme part of the wedding

Let me start with a picture.

Extreme Wedding

As I’ve already said, this destination wedding meant to be a great luxury party only for closest people. The brides made a lot surprises for the guests and the biggest one was the following. The MC had to scare them and to make fulfil funny and even crazy quests. Was it funny? Yes it absolutely fantastic. I have never seen some many serious people behaving like kids.


The were many different tasks. If you are interested in the details, please, see this link with more photos from this extreme wedding in Spain. The most impressive action was night and group jump into the pool. Fantastic idea!

Extreme Wedding

I can’t explain how amazed I was to see everything what happened at that event. It was a positive shock with a smile. For the brides it was the dream. Feel free to share and to comment on this amazing destination extreme wedding in Spain in Almiral de la Аont.

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