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Luxury wedding in Germany: Andreas and Tatiana

This luxury wedding in Germany was not only the first one held in this country, but also the begging of the season 2012 for Mongooses.TV studio. Professional wedding photographers and event videographers were kindly invited to report about the big day of  Tatiana and Andreas. The place where the event took place was divided into two spot: Bad Urach and Metzingen. The reason was very simple: the brides live in different towns.

Getting ready for the wedding

One can easily notice, that there were two absolutely different mornings for the bride and the bridegroom. The bride as it usually happens was a bit nervous, moreover the parents were messing around trying to check if all the things needed were packed and everyone was ready. Andreas in contrary was very joyful and happy. The whole thing at his house was about Andreas’ best friend — his dog. It was a bit nervous for his master. In addition it had to wear dinner jacket, what was not its favourite cloths.

Luxury wedding in Germany

But the closer the ceremony was the more nervous became Andreas. He stopped telling jokes and became really concerned. Vice verse were the things with the bride. She liked the makeup and the hairstyle and felt great relief. Her father started the white Porsche and they took the way to church, where the german wedding ceremony was planned. All the guests were present, when the brides arrived. What a moment is was, Andreas stood by the priest and Tatiana with father came up to him.

Wedding ceremony in a German Church

And all those moments of solemn and love were captured by wedding cameraman Alexander Znaharchuk and professional photographers. The light in the church was amazing, although the day was a bit cloudy. But as we were told, that day according to the forecast rain was expected. But from the experience of Alexander Znaharchuk and Artur Jakutsevich, almost all the wedding days with possible rain pass with no additional liquid from the sky, provided this wedding is filmed by the Mongooses team.

Wedding ceremony in Church Germany

The whole wedding ceremony in the church took about an hour. During the pauses between the prayers were uttered, guests together with the couple sang songs. After the ceremony priest congratulated newlyweds and guests left the church in order to facilitate the couple and to take a group wedding photo. And already after that Andreas and Tatiana felt the relief, forgot about nervous and were happy.

Hanging out

Wedding in Germany

The very next point in the program of this luxury german wedding was the trip to one of the nearest castles in the mountains. As it occurred the chosen ancient building was erased several centuries ago and at the moment is situated in Liechtenstein, the neighboring country. It took half an hour to get to that picturesque spot. The height of the rock is really impressive. When one gets to such a place the heart starts to beat a bit quicker. The views that opens the castle are amazing. Though the couple was having fun and were very happy, they had to come back to guest and share these feelings and emotions!

Luxury wedding dinner

Luxury wedding in Germany

The dinner was a brilliant example of German national cuisine. All the set of dishes served were devoted to certain theme. The biggest and the most popular among the guests was the sea food. Lobsters, oysters, fishes and what not were presented on the huge table. When food and drinks recharged the guest and brides the party started. If you enjoyed this video about luxury wedding in Germany, feel free to comment and share it with your friends.

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