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Orthodox wedding in Prague: Andrey and Julia

Let me introduce you one of the most experienced couples Mongooses.TV professional wedding videographer Alexander Znaharchuk has been filming in Prague so far. Andre and Julia came to the capital of Czech Republic from the Northern Capital of Russia. St. Petersburg is well-known spot for architecture and art. Sometimes people compare SPB with Prague, saying that both of this cities are full of sights and galleries.

Pre wedding and engagement

Wedding ceremony in PragueDuring the first visit to Prague Andrey decided to propose to his beloved lady. And he was a success. After several trips the couple did together, they decided to have a destination wedding in Europe and if to be more precise, a religious wedding ceremony in Prague. Julia found talented and enthusiastic agency and planner for the marriage and started negotiations. Together they developed the basic plan either of the ceremony and the dinner at one of the best Czech traditional restaurants.

The other part of negotiations was about video material from the marriage. The brides looked a bit afraid, since they did not have clear vision of what they had to do. Luckily, they were really easy-giong people and acknowledge that there should not be any pattern of behavior at their big day. Therefore they followed the advice of professional wedding planner and met with the cameraman keen on live and true to life video.

Religious wedding in Prague

The brides were very flexible and open to suggestions, though there was one strict request. They both wanted to have a religious (orthodox) wedding ceremony in church. To tell the truth everyone, who was working on this big day, could notice how spiritually strong their relationships were. Andrey and Julia spent many years together and came to this important decision prudently. They knew each, they loved each other.

Religious wedding in Prague

Orthodox wedding in Prague of Andrey and Julia was a very solemn one and easy. The priest was very sincere and his words touched everyone who was at the ceremony, people plunged into the ceremony. The big day brought a lot of joy and warmth to many people. Join them as well and share this video with your friends. Thank you!

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