Love story in Prague

This love story began in Prague some years ago. David, a young student, was waiting for his friends in a bar. They were late. Trying to kill away the time, David looked around and met just the same searching sight straight ahead. There was no chance to hesitate. He took his beer and joined lovely girl. Her name was Veronica.

Prague engagement photography

She was also a student in one of Prague Universities and just like David Veronica was also waiting for friends. Such a coincidence made them laugh. In some moments they both were leaving the place with mobile phones off, so that no one could disturb them.

Engagement in Prague

That is the basic plot of love story told by the couple. Professional wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich extremely likes to collect such stories and to tell them in his own way transferring words into engagement photos.

But even this experienced cameraman cannotEngagement photo in Prague predict and say for sure what kind of pictures the couple will get as a result. Because it is not interesting to take photos of different people as though they are just the same.

Therefore wedding photographer has to develop the route in Prague according to interests and preferences of the couple. In this case it was not too hard to do, since both David and Veronica love Czech capital and have a lot of favorite locations with lovely and romantic Prague views.

Morning engagement shooting

Prague is a pretty busy city with huge pedestrian traffic. During the day millions of people cross famous Charles Bridge and climb the hill to reach Prague Castle. Therefore, David and Veronica suggested having their pre wedding photo shooting early in the morning when the streets are free from crowds and they can feel comfortable not being observed by passers-by.

Prague photographer

So after visiting several places our couple together with Artur Jakutsevich, wedding photographer in Prague and Czech, took a tram to enjoy some amazing panoramic views from the Petrin Hill. This is a very romantic place. After several hours spent David and Veronica as well as their photographer went home to sleep a bit in order to continue this engagement shooting in the evening.

Engagement Prague

Evening Prague photography

As it usually happens, the engagement photo shooting in Prague is divided into morning and evening parts. In total our sweet couple spent about 4 hours in front of the camera. It is just enough time for having walk and photos taken. Veronica and David are very cute and funny. They compile both romantic and some childish features. One can notice it in all love story photos from Prague.

The city makes people fall in love, be sincere and romantic, find interesting solutions. It inspires not only photographers but also all the people who spend at least several days in this magic city. Just the same way David and Veronica managed to inspire professional wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich.

Wedding and engagement photographer in Prague

Enjoy this pre wedding media slide show narrating about true and romantic engagement in Prague.

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