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Superman engagement photo shooting

Engagement photo shooting is  a good opportunity for a couple to show their feelings toward each other, to express love or to become fairy tale heroes for a while. Every girl dreams of being a princess at least for a day and to spend this time with a real superhero. Photographer is a person able to help bellowed to create and capture these precious moments in love story photo. Enjoy: Superman engagement photo shooting.


Alena is a graceful young lady. Her passion is hairstyle and clothes constructing. Alena dreams a lot and drives a blue cabriolet.

Engagement photo shooting


Vadim is the one who saves people’s lives. It doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, winter or summer, rain or sun he acts like a real Superhero. Among his colleagues, firemen, Vadim is known as a responsible and shy person. No wonder, that he conquered the heart of such a beautiful lady as Alena.

Superman engagement photo

But when the work is over, he starts his second shift.

Engagement photo Superman

The story of Love

Their love story began from an accident. It was not the best time and place to make friends. Only after several days Vadim visited Alena at the hospital and brought her a bouquet of flowers. She was shocked to see her saver.

Superman photo

Actually Vadim was the first to experience deep feeling of love towards her. After several days spent together they both realised that something was in the air. Let me tell you the whole story that made the couple arrange such a nice engagement photo shooting and inspired them much.

Engagement ideas


He was just on the top of his base, when suddenly he saw that a hooligan was going to attack a young lady going to her granny with fruit and vegetables for Sunday dinner. There was no time to wait! It was dangerous, because the hooligan was a famous black suit John.

Engagement photos

Sudden and unexpected attack of the Superman help the young lady to escape from the hooligan and to visit her granny. Though after such a stress she got to the hospital for several days, where He found Her.

Superman pre wedding photos

Pre wedding life

It was obvious for everyone who knows Alena and Vadim that this couple is going to get married and live a happy life together. So they started to live together sharing all the duties.

Pre wedding ideas

Superman was deep in love.

Pre wedding ideas photo

And they both enjoyed every minute together.

pre wedding photo

And this superman engagement photo shooting was just the beginning of beautiful life and the first step to marriage of this lovely youngsters! See the media slide-show as well. It’s worthy!

Alena+Vadim: photo Love Story (Superman) Brest, Belarus from mongOOses.tv Wedding photo&video on Vimeo.

Engagement Photographer: Artur Jakutsevich.

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