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Honeymoon in Rome: Daphne and Garry

Honeymoon in Rome and Italy is a perfect solution for a trip after you get married. First of all the country is very reach on facilities where to spend your first family days. Someone likes to stretch the body on the seashore and enjoy hot italian sun. Other couples rent a car and discover new towns and villages. And it actually doesn’t really matter if your plan is to spend several days or weeks in Italy. Every moment is precious!

Honeymoon in Rome

Honeymoon trip to Rome

Daphne and Garry is the first couple coming from Asia professional wedding and engagement photographer in Rome and Italy used to worked. In order to understand all wishes and ideas of the couple Artur Jakutsevich did advanced planning to get ready for the shooting. It had to be a very interesting and on the other hand very responsible task. Moreover there were very many views of Rome Artur wanted to show them in a very short period of time.

Photographer in Rome

Although globalisation breaks of the boarders between people and countries, there still exist cultural differences between Asians and Europeans. In order to not have any misunderstanding while taking pictures of lovers in Italy, much planning and communication was as necessary as never before.

Photo shooting in Rome

Photographer in Rome

The first tricky moment wedding photographer in Italy and Rome Artur Jakutsevich faced, was the following: for Daphne and Garry it was extremely important to have an opportunity to change their clothes during the day. Thus the whole honeymoon photo set was divided into two parts: morning and evening one, so that lovers in Rome could change the clothes.

Evening Rome photo shooting

The couple wanted to see as much places together with photographer in Rome as possible, since before they had planned to have wedding in Italy, but changed their mind. Therefore they both decided to get married in Hong Kong with a big party, parents and friends and right after the big day to book the tickets to Italian capital and to spend their honeymoon in Rome.

Honeymoon in Italy

Garry and Daphne are very easygoing people. They fully relied on photographer while walking along the attractions. And what was more important, they managed to forget about the camera and simply enjoyed every moment together and were very natural. They got inspired with Artur’s enthusiasm and with Rome views. Therefore all the photos turned to be quite emotional and sincere.

Ti amero’ per tutta la mia vita.

Honeymoon in Rome

See also the media slide show about the honeymoon in Rome of Daphne and Garry complied by Artur Jakutsevich.

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