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Marriage in Prague at Petrin Hill: Valerij and Yana

This is one of the first marriages in Prague professional videographer Alexander Znaharchuk was filming in Czech capital. On the one hand it was a very special project, since it was a new destination and new experience, but on the other hand, it was pretty easy to work at this wedding, since the couple was an easy-going one. The only thing they asked was to have fun. I was lucky to get acquainted with Yana, the bride and asked her several questions about their marriage in Prague.

Engagement and the love story

— Why did you get married in Prague, Yana?

— You know, there I fell in love both with the city and with my future husband. What do I mean? Several years ago I joined a group of tourists coming from Russia around Europe by bus. You know, these weekend tours. The plan was pretty basic: Warsaw, Prague, Vein, Budapest and back home. But my plans suddenly changed when we were discovering the sights and attractions of Czech Capital. I got to know my future husband by chance. Yes, it was like a fairy tale — love from the first sight. The bus was already on the way to another European sightseeing centre, when I and Valerij were chatting in one of the romantic cafes of Prague. He showed me real atmosphere, the beauty and the soul of the city. We made a wish on Charles Bridge. And it came true!

— It is an amazing start of family life, I must say! But was a hard decision to change one place for another?

— To tell the truth, my relatives and friends could not understand me, when I texted them that I was going to stay in Prague for several extra days and will come back home by plane, not with my group. They worried that I was in trouble. Actually I was, and the trouble was huge desire to stay in Prague for good. I was completely in love with my sweetheart. Though the common sense was telling me not to hurry with the decisions. So after several days I came back to Moscow, in order to reconsider my life and of course to get a new visa. After several visit we exchanged I was given a gorgeous ring with sweet ‘will you?’ And I agreed. Thus, there were no other options, but to plan our marriage in Prague.

Marriage planning

— Was it difficult to plan your big day in an unknown place?

— Before the wedding took place, I visited Prague several times and made friends with some people, who actually helped us greatly to plan the marriage, the ceremony and the restaurant. I noticed that people in Europe are open and share information with pleasure. I even didn’t have ask about something, our friends, for example, gave us contact of wedding videographer Alexander. I adore his talent! But of course it was a bit stressful, because of the visas and other documents. But we managed to plan our married and to make it the way we wanted.

I can only add that this marriage in Prague was held in the Old Town Square Town Hall and the banquet was in a restaurant at Petrin Hill —one of the most attractive views of the city. Enjoy the video, share it with you friends and make the requests.

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