Honeymoon in Prague: Slawomir and Julia

A lot of brides and grooms after they get married prefer not to waste time and go for a honeymoon trip with a cameraman able to create interesting post wedding video. Slawonir and Julia decide to start their honeymoon in Prague. Those lovely days they were together with professional wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich and event videographer Alexander Znaharchuk.

Honeymoon plan

When the wedding ceremony and party in Warsaw was over and the guests went to sleep, Slawomir and Julja started to pack their luggage, since right the following morning newlyweds started their honeymoon trip to Prague. And the very first point of destination was the capital of neighbouring to Poland Czech Republic. In Prague the couple had been before and did love the city and it’s beauty.

Honeymoon in Prague

Prague attracts many couples from all over the globe to get married there, to have engagements and honeymoons. The city is an amazing combination of facilities for lovers in Prague. There are a lot of romantic places with amazing views on Vltala river of the Charles Bridge, gorgeous restaurants with delicious menu, and of course ancient gothic architecture, that makes every visitor fall in love with Prague.

But first time Julia saw Czech Capital was on TV while watching of the travel channels. She got amazed by Prague video and made a wish, to walk along the tiny streets of this magic city wearing her wedding dress. Several years passed and her dream came true. There is Prague, there is wedding dress, there is her beloved. How sweet look lovers in Prague!

Amazing Prague video

Basically this honeymoon video is based on Prague adventures of the couple. Slawomir and Julia had a long walk together with Alexander Znaharchuk, event cameraman. But with every new place they came to the newlyweds somehow got charged with the energy of the city and of course love made them feel stronger. That energy partially was redirected to wedding videographer, who made the couple laugh and enjoy their first family days.

Honeymoon in Prague video

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