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Engagement in Prague: pre wedding photo shooting fro Anna and Rene

Dear, reader. Today we will see some pictures of a sweet-sweet couple, whom you will immediately fall in love with. Usually they call such beauties as angel. These two angels came to Czech Republic in order to discover a new country and by accident they got acquainted with a professional photographer Artur Jakutsevich and their trip turned to an engagement in Prague and pre wedding photo session.

Pre wedding in Prague and engagement

Getting acquainted

Anna and Rene is the first couple, that wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich worked with in Prague. To my mind he is a lucky-ducky to have such lovely clients.

Photographer in Prague

Their story began in one of the main squares of Czech capital, where Anna and Rene first met Artur. Several hours later they were making the plan for the photo session. Artur suggested having an early rise the following day in order to capture the couple in empty streets and attractions with n crowds. Just like in this picture below.

Photo session

So the plan was fixed, the places and the rout discussed. Anna and Rene were very thrilled and enthusiastic about the shooting, because it was pretty a spontaneous decision for them to have an engagement photo session in Prague. May be that is the reason, why they look so lovely in the pictures?


Places to see in Prague

This city has an incredible atmosphere, where time seems to stop. Gorgeous Prague Castle, amazing Charles Bridge and ancient Astronomic Clock in Old Town Square make everyone fell something special inside. But among very old attractions there is a very bright and relative young. This is the Lennon Wall. It is a place where one can draw a painting at least to try. Unfortunately there are not so many good painters among tourists, therefore every day the wall receives new ‘masterpieces’ from artists.

Lennon Wall

Czech wedding photographer in Prague

Another amazing and must see place in Prague is the Petrin Hill, which opens impressive  views over Vltava river and Old Town. To get to the Hill guys took the funicular. Here I should mention public transport: in Prague it is very comfortable, reliable, punctual and comparatively cheap. 1 Euro is a half-hour ticket for all means of transport.

Photographer in Prague

On the hill photographer captured some precious moments of joy. Anna and Rene were having good time together, but not too long, since the sun was getting higher and higher and it meant no only heat, but crowds in the streets. And the were a lot of places to visit in Prague and of course to capture them.

places to visit in Prague

From one hill Artur took the couple to another one — Vysehrad Castle. The place is located near the red light metro station Vysehrad. The picture below is amazing not because of the beauty of the couple, but also due to the soft light and absolute absence of people around. There were inly the couple and their engagement photographer Artur jakutsevich.

Prague views and photo engagement photographer

And the last picture for today was taken at Charles Bridge. This is the pure romantics, isn’t it?

Charles Bridge photo

This slide shows compiles the engagement photos taken in Prague morning by the professional wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich.

Anna & Rene: photo Love Story in Prague from Best wedding video & photo ever on Vimeo.

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