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Pre wedding Prague photography: Andy and Lok

Andy and Lok came to Europe from Hong Kong where they wanted to have a pre wedding photo shooting. Among European cities they liked Czech capital most of all and decided to start their trip from it. So, together with my help they arranged a pre wedding photo shooting in Prague.

Engagement in Prague

Usually before the shooting and touring the city with the brides I discuss the possible venues and ideas they have. Mostly they rely on photographer and his experience. This time our couple had a very talented and professional cameraman — Artur Jakutsevich. He knows the city well and loves to show its beautiful spots.


From the very first picture taken, everybody felt that this shooting is going to be a success. Early morning in Prague is an amazing time for the brides to fell the soul and atmosphere of the city. Moreover it was a bit chilly, therefore everybody was a bit excited. To warm up a bit Andy was jumping and dancing and to my mind, his action made the day!

Prague Tram Cafe at Wenceslas Square

As you see we started engagement photo shooting from the Wenceslas square — one of the main places of interest in Prague. Even though it was spring, the board with ‘Hot Chocolate and Wine’ at the Tram Cafe at Wenceslas Square was there. I should say that Lok was a very brave girl wearing such an open wedding dress. You know why? Photographer was wearing a hat and felt pretty comfortable.


It was not only a cold and romantic morning, but hungry one. Here you may see Andy hunting the huge Terdelnik. What is it? It is traditional Czech yammy made of sweet dough. To tell the truth it is pretty hard to explain the taste of Terdelnik, it’s better to come to Prague and try it!

Prague — Old Town Square

The benefit of early rise in Prague is the opportunity to find the city completely empty! Artur managed to convince the brides and as a result you may see always overcrowded Old Town Square absolutely free of people. I think even not all locals have ever see such a beauty.

Pre wedding in Prague

Absolutely no one! Just happy and excited Lok and Andy having pre wedding photo shooting.

Wedding in Old Town Square

If you come to Prague one day and visit the Old Town Square you will understand how unique these pictures are.


It made him fly

Impressed with the beauty and charm of the city Andy and Lok forgot about cold weather and just enjoyed the luxury atmosphere of the Czech Capital. If the bride was pretty calm, the groom was strongly inspired. As he said: ‘Prague makes me fly’. And he was flying.

Wedding photographer in Prague

And flying.

Prague wedding photography

Finally they reached the top of the city!

Engagenet in Prague

This pre wedding photo was taken in Vrtba Gardens. Below you may find media slide-show with the best pictures of these cuties from Hong Kong: Andy and Lok in Prague.


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