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Every year more and more couples before getting married arrange either a pre wedding video or engagement photo shooting. They want not only to show friends and relatives how much they love each other, but also to see from aside what their love is like. Moreover these love story videos are a good chance to get acquainted with wedding videographer, to know how he works and if he suits the couple.

Why to make engagement and pre wedding video?

Any video as a work of art both from videographer and the couple. Therefore shooting usually is well-planned, because the brides can choose any possible plot according to their interests. Of course the brides and wedding cameraman should develop the idea together, so he knows all the details. Moreover videographer can suggest an extraordinary solution for the  clip.

A bright example

Misha and Julia are two very active youngsters. They live in Prague, are keen on travelling and partying. One should at least once meet this couple to understand what I mean, saying they are active. Thus they didn’t want to have something common for their pre wedding video. Vice versa, Misha expected professional videographer in Prague Alexander Znaharchuk to help them to develop the plot to make it extraordinary.

While communication with the couple Alexander learnt that at that very moment guys were busy with flat renovation. Misha wanted to paper the walls and Julia wanted the walls to be painted. That was a good push for plot structure, since Alexander described the couple as very colourful people.

It was impossible not to take such opportunities: lovely couple ready for any crazy idea, a flat in Prague, professional cameraman ready to satisfy the brides with amazing love story and pre wedding video. As a result we have a dynamic, funny and bright clip. During the video shooting 4 walls, the ceiling and the floor were painted with 30 liters of paint, 2 suits and faces were colored as well. Luckily no injuries. Enjoy and get inspired with this Prague pre wedding video.

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