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Professional wedding and event videographer Alexander Znaharchuk

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It is so hard to start narrating about a talented person, but if I need to say some words about Alexander Znaharchuk in terms of wedding videography I do have some features to highlight, since I know him as a cameraman for a long time and we’ve already thousands of projects carried our together. Therefore I so strongly recommend him to you, my dear brides and grooms.

Alexander Znaahrchuk — event and wedding videographer

Alex is a very reliable person. His passion is event videography and cycling. Therefore he is such a dynamic person. He is keen on traveling and discovering new places. Therefore he insists on finding new locations for destination weddings in different parts of the world. Constant moving ahead, studying new facts about life and people, improvement of skills are the strongest powers pushing him forward.

Wedding videographer

Professsional wedding videographer Alexander Znaharchuk works together with his assistant, colleague, friend and wife Kristina Kremko. Actually she is Alex’s another point of view of shooting and editing. And it helps, say both of them. In daily routine sometimes it is very important to switch the mind from one thing to another and to have someone to enlighten with an idea. So they are like peas and carrots. To let you know him better I ask Alexander the most frequently asked questions about wedding videography.[/author_info]

— What is the most important thing for you in wedding video?

You mean for me or for clients? Though I’m sure to make a good product I need to have in mind both. Look, what is your favourite pictures? I’m sure the one where you were caught spontaneously. In it you are not confused and stressed with thoughts of being pictured. Video is a sequence of pictures changing with the speed of 24 films within a second. Therefore the idea is just the same as with your spontaneous photo.

Event videography

Among the brides I have never seen professional actors. All of them, believe me, al of them are scared of camera and it takes much effort and time to convince people, that they are beautiful and look amazing. So, for me it is important to build the bridge of understanding between me, my team and the brides. I need to trusted and to trust the couple. They give me a huge responsibility: to make wedding video! I don’t have a second chance to capture important moment. Moments are essential.

— Where do you film weddings?

Wedding filming

I’ve been, let me count, in about 10 or 15 countries. Mostly I film weddings in Prague and Czech Castles, in Italy and Spain. Previous winter we spent in Thailand and had some atmospheric shootings there as well. I love travelling, therefore new destinations are rally welcome in my personal map and in the map of our Mongooses.TV studio. And you know what conclusion I can make already? I was always sure the these are the people who enlighten the space not vice versa. And know haven my luggage of wedding, engagement and honeymoon filing experience, I’m mot than 100% sure in this fact.

— Alex, you told me about actors. What do you mean?


— Fake poses and playing love. I have read piles of book about communication in order to find right words to explain to the brides that it is so important to be natural and not to play love, but love! Sure there are some couples, who understand me perfectly well, but mostly people need to be talked to. They watch my videos and think that I’m going to direct them during the ceremony and after it. And this is a mistake. To get something interesting we need to develop an idea. I say ‘we’ me and clients. And of course the idea is not mine, since the wedding is not mine as well. I want people feel comfortable at the event. If you are afraid of height and suggest skydiving? Will you truly enjoy the idea? Be yourselves!

— What would you advise the brides willing to have a luxury, symbolic or religious destination wedding?

— First of all, friends, you need to acknowledge how important this days is for you. If you and excited just with one thought and the heart harries somewhere, this is the right mood! Wedding is the day of emotions and feelings. Therefore it is important to find professional wedding planner, vendors, prier location and compile the program of the big day. But bear in mind that all these things are going to be filmed and in case videographer is not a professional on, be sure to watch your wedding video only once. Choose the best suiting cameramen, watch portfolio, communicate and make your choice prudently.

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