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Summer wedding ideas: Julia and Vladimir

Summer always brings incredible wedding projects with amazing couples and locations. The heat in close tandem with Champaign let people feel free and turn to life all the summer wedding ideas brides have. And this is the best conditions for the cameramen to work, since the brides and guests are simply busy and don’t pay any attention on what is going on around them.

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Summer wedding ideas

Vladimir and Julja are very open and sincere people. While getting ready for the event they planned all the tiniest details concerning everything. Guys did a great pre wedding planning as well and as a result they had truly, lovely and very joyful summer wedding.

Summer wedding

Together with Artur Jakutsevich and Alexander Znaharchuk they discussed all the ideas of the summer wedding and locations for photo and video shooting. The basic idea was to show strong feeling between Julja and Vladimir. Also much attention was paid at the friends’ participation at the event, because there were many of them.


Wedding day

Generally the big day went very smoothly. After the brides met each other at Julia’s place, after all the traditional  rituals were over, the couple together with team of Mongooses.TV and best friends plunged into the depth of their summer wedding.

Summer wedding

The very first summer wedding idea was to set sail two red ships like a symbol of life voyage that Julia and Vladimir started that day. It was a very romantic ritual. Lovely bride and handsome groom made a wish and let the ships float. Even experienced wedding videographer was touched by this sincere moment. But it was the first and the only moment when girls were about to cry.

Summer wedding ideas

Crazy in love

How do people usually ride a skateboard? Stepping with two feet and balancing. But Vladimir’s best friends had absolutely opposite vision of how things should go that day. The first ever ride on the Skate on hands! I think if Tony Hawk watches this wedding, at least he will be glad to see such a unique technique.

Summer wedding ideas

Fields, sun and blue sky. Luckily the weather was really friendly and the brides continued to share with friends their summer wedding ideas. After the battle baseball, where newlyweds had some cute wedding photos the team moved to the field. The feeling of total freedom was seen in the eyes of bride and bridegroom. Like kids they were running around slugging in hay and kissing. 

Wedding ideas photo

Wedding ceremony and the party

It was the middle of the day and wedding photojournalist already had tons of lovely pictures taken. And that was before the party. Show must go on, said Vladimir. Everybody took the cars in order to gather with the other part of the wedding ceremony, with parents and relative.

Wedding ceremony

Julja is a unique and lovely bride. A careful reader would have noticed already that in all the photos the bride is always smiling. And that is not a fake smile, but a real one. Enjoy the slideshow with the interesting summer wedding ideas of Julia and Vladimir pictures by the professional photographer Artur Jakutsevich.

Julia & Vladimir, One summer day in Brest city: wedding photos from mongOOses.tv Wedding photo&video on Vimeo.

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