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Destination wedding in Czech

What do the brides usually expect from their destination wedding in Czech and Prague? Why do people want to get married in Prague gardens or in Czech Castles? To mind the choice depends on personality of the brides and their preferences. But there are a lot of objective reasons. Some of the couples look for luxury chateaus; the others want to have a traditional ceremonies or just civil marriages.

In this article we will cover all the issues concerning wedding planning in Czech Republic. First of all I will share with you the most popular and to my mind top and luxurious places to get married. Moreover below one can find recommendations and information about wedding vendors. Since this blog is devoted to destination marriage theme, I would mention in these pages only professional colleagues, able to make you big day turn into a real fairy tale with no stress.

Wedding in Czech Republic and marriage in Prague

If you got engaged and decided to get married in Czech Republic I would strongly recommend you start the planning as soon as possible. First of all it is going to be a destination wedding therefore you need to find a reliable person i.e. a planner. It should be a professional, talented and enthusiastic person with good skills. On his/her shoulders you will put a very important cargo, that need to be cut into several pieces and shared among wedding vendors.

Wedding in Prague

And of course, if your event is going to be a special one and you plan to book certain venue, restaurant, photographer and other services, be aware that every year thousands of couples from all the globe get married in Prague and Czech Republic. Therefore early planning is essential, I would say even obligatory. Unlike Italian, Czech bureaucracy is less strict. All the paperwork can be done within several days after your arrival. There are some regulations and things to do in advance, but it can be done by the wedding planner in Prague. Read about the procedure and civil marriage in this article.

Luxury places to get married in CZ

There are extremely many places throughout Czech Republic, where professional wedding planners arrange big day ceremonies and parties. The most popular are the Chateaus and Castles. Today there are about 2000 of them. Of course not all the places are available: some are being renovated, the other are in private possession and the owner keeps the place just for him and his family. Even though, the choice is pretty impressive:

And this list of places where in Czech Republic couples get married is incomplete. These are just the most popular destination wedding locations, where both symbolic, civi and luxury big day take place. Below I will try to give information about each in form of summary. More thoroughly every castle and chateau will be illustrated in a separate article with real weddings examples. So let’s start with the most popular and fancy location.

Luxury wedding in Hluboka Castle

In the south of Czech Republic, just on the very boarder with Austria one can find a bright example of ancient architecture. Hluboka Castle is regarded to be the most attractive and beautiful in the whole country. Some people compare it to the castle where Harry Porter used to live. Just look at this picture below! Frankly speaking it is really like a chateau from a fairy tale. Every wedding that takes place in the castle is a unique one. Though it is really a huge construction, both symbolic weddings just for two people or big ceremonies with guests and friends are possible in Krumlov. Be careful with booking this place, since it is super popular with brides and tourists, do it in advance.


Wedding in Hluboka Castle

Karlstejn Castle — a gorgeous wedding place near Prague

This castle is a real fortress that played a significant role in history. Nowadays tourists go, ride and even rent planes to see Karlstejn, since it is situated not far from Prague in a very picturesque area. Wedding ceremonies are held in ancient halls. All in all the ceremony takes about 30-40 minutes, though it is a very solemn event held by a local authority. After the ring are exchanged, couples usually role down the hill and take the way back to Prague. Unfortunately there are not so many facilities for the brides to be hosted in a hotel and to host the guest. Therefore  they usually get ready in Prague, then about 1 hour by car to the castle, the ceremony, some pictures and way back to capital.

Karlstejn castle

Zbiroh Castle — hotel and place to get married

I would call this Chateau a cosy one, since it has really warm atmosphere. Zbiroh Castle is a place to come just for one day or to stay for a certain period. The hotel for about 100 beds gives an opportunity to plan a luxury event with dinner and party. Stylish apartments, design and the soul of the castle will let you plunge into ancient times of king and queens. There are 2 main halls for 200 and 30 people. So it doesn’t really matter how big your wedding in Zbiroh Castle is going to be. There is enough place. Read more about the chateau.

Chateau Zbiroh Castle

Konopiště Castle

Your wedding in Konopiste Castle will be a very touching and on the other hand traditional. This place used to be a royal hunting area and almost all interiors in the numerous rooms and halls have remained. Konopiste is a very popular destination wedding location in Czech Republic mostly for the couples searching for historical places. There one can enjoy an amazing and biggest collection in Eastern Europe of weapons, furnitures, painting and so on. Your big day will e coloured with gorgeous royal paints and if you wish, with some drama. The knights still live in the castle!

Konopiste zamok

Chateau Mcely — luxury destination wedding location in Czech

This is absolutely gorgeous venue, where very special events take place. Your destination wedding is going to be an incredible one, if planned in Chateau Mcely. First of all it is the service they provide the brides with. Though it takes time to fix the date and to handle all the issues with the managers. Of course, if your big day is on the weekend, at least 6 months before the date start emailing me. One couple was lucky enough to book the place 3 weeks before, but it was an extreme situation and believe me wedding in Chateau Mcely has nothing with extreme. Its hotel and spa, restaurant and nature will help not only to celebrate but fully relax.

Chateau Mcely

Chateau Liblice

One of the best places to get married in Czech Republic. This Chateau is perfectly located not far from Prague, but distantly enough from noisy and crowed places. In Chateau Liblice one can find not only registration venue, but also a restaurant with amazing cuisine, hotel and just a good place to have rest and relax. The crew is very professional and offer vast variety of opportunities. So, in case you feel like planning the big day in Liblice, read more about this luxury destination wedding place.

Chateau Liblice


Zbiroh Castle — royal wedding location

This is a huge castle, that still remembers the sounds of ancient music and the smell of dishes that were served in amazing halls of Zbiroh some two hundred years ago during royal receptions and dinners. Nowadays it is open for tourists and also for the couples willing to have weddings in Czech Republic. The location gives opportunity to choose any ceremony you need and would like to have. Bed and breakfast are also available. Thus the Zbiroh Castle can be considered as a very special venue for your destination royal and luxury wedding in Europe and Czech Republic.

Zbiroh Castle

Dobris Castle — Czech Versailles

Destination wedding in Chateau Dobris has to be planned in advance. The castle is open the whole year round and is very popular not only with individual tourists, but also with companies, artists and of course with you, brides. The reason for such huge interest are the facilities it gives. First of all Dobris is an amazing example of architecture. The Chateau is very functional, has enough space for symbolic ceremonies as well as for big and real weddings. Czech people call Dobris Czech Versailles.

Křivoklát Castle

Czech Krumlov — dream place for destination wedding in Czech

One of the most popular location after Prague is Czech Krumlov. It is a real magnet located near German and Austrian borders. In middle ages the place used to be a royal party venue. Balls, theatre, performance took place in picturesque Krumlov. Nowadays it is a significant tourists attraction, but even though it is a very atmospheric place. More over you are sure to fall in love with the famous red roofs of Czech Krumlov. And to my mind this is a perfect place to have a wedding ceremony which will reflect not only your emotions, but the soul of the place.

Czech Krumlov

Wedding ceremony in Prague

Frankly speaking I don’t know what to start the story about places to get married in Prague with. Let me say, that there are many of them! They are different with certain atmosphere and traditions. And the choice absolutely depends on you. But how you choose if you don’t know the places? Right! I need to tell something about most popular ones.

Wedding in Prague

Let us find the difference, pros and cons, peculiarities of every place I mentioned. These are just four of them, but believe my experience, in Prague we may plan for you a really amazing event and your destination wedding in Czech. So let’s go in some details of the places where to get married. More information about each of them, please find in a separate article and the link Prague.

Wedding in Old Town Hall in Prague

A very special place in the very heat of the city. The picture above was taken after the wedding of Denis and Liza just at the Old Town Square, when a crowd of Italians attack the brides try to make a picture with them. So after a solemn ceremony of civil wedding you immediately get into the street with thousands of tourists willing to congratulate you on occasion and take a picture with the brides.

Wedding in Vrtba gardens

Vrtba garden is one of the most hidden attractions of Prague and the most romantic place to get married. They arrange ceremonies both for symbolic events and civil ones. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to se so real wedding in Vrtba Gardens to plunge into the atmosphere of the event.

Troja Castle

Troja Chateau is located far from the city centre on the riverside. It is surrounded with Zoo and Botanic Garden and more over it has a huge garden where outdoor actives can be held. Generally the place serves a location for very luxury events if there are guests and dinner is planed and as a secret and solemn place just for you two to get married in Prague.


With my help and the gel of my team you can easily book a place where to have the wedding ceremony, restaurant, hotel and other services. I’m used to working with professionals only, therefore my recommendations are absolutely sincere. My interest in transparent: to organise a luxury destination wedding for your couple. Thus I can arrange car service, photographer and videographer, make up and hair, music and flowers and all the rest pieces of your big day puzzle to make in a brilliant event.

Wedding in Prague, Alexey&Olga Highlights from Mongooses.TV studio on Vimeo.

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