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Wedding in Hluboka nad Vltavou: Kate and Artem

This luxury destination wedding ceremony held in June 2013 in Hluboka and Vltavou for Kate and Artem was a wonderful example of how people fall in love with Prague and Czech Republic during a trip and then come to get married there. To tell the truth it is not the first couple which was so much influenced and inspired with amazing architecture and atmosphere of Prague.

So after the first visit to Czech Republic Kate and Artem got engaged and were 100% sure, where to get married. They considered several places, but when the bride saw the fairy tale castle they decided to have the wedding in Hluboka and Vltavoj.

There I should put the script of the interviews Alexander Znaharchuk and Kristina Kremko, professional event videographers in Prague, recorded while filming this wedding.

Prague is the city where we got with my sweetheart really close to echo other. These very incredible days and hours spent together. I will never forget the moments when I was holding Kate’s while discovering this ancient city. You know, our love is strongly associated with Prague.
The Groom
All in all we spent in Prague about a week and mostly we were wondering around the Old Town Square. If you ask me about any detail of the place, I weill hardly recollect any, because I was plunged into our feelings, that could see only Artem. I feel that I made the right choice with the Hluboka Castle, where we will get married. I imagine myself as a little princess, miracles happen here and there, the guests and all the people are happy for us!
The Bride


I’m not sure that I can add anything else. Just watch the video and consider wedding in Hluboka and Vltavou as a very good option. The castle is a very luxurious destination wedding location in Czech Reoublic.

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