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Romantic wedding in Prague: Azat & Tatjna

It was an amazing event held in the most attractive and beautiful gardens in Czech Capital — Vrtba Gardens. Romantic wedding in Prague of Azat and Tatiana, that I’m going to tell you about, was viewed through the lens of professional photographer Artur Jakutsevich.

Wedding in Prague

This project we started in advance. It was necessary to learn why the brides had chosen our wedding photographer in Prague and what result they expected. On the other hand it’s always profitable to create a day plan. For instance, some brides like being filmed during makeup and hairstyle procedure. The others don’t. Thus all the issues has to be cleared out before the show starts.

It was a luxury destination wedding in Prague

This wedding in Prague like any Czech ceremony was properly prepared. Tatiana and Azat wanted to have the registration in one of the Czech castles, but then they changed their mind. Vrtbovska or Vrtba Garden in Mala Strana was the very venue where relatives and guests gathered to celebrate. Traditionally the priest said words in Czech and the interpreter translated into the language the brides speak. It goes without saying that the whole ceremony is sincere and very touching. Sometimes guests and the bride can’t help crying.

Wedding in Vrtba Prague

Wedding report

In such moments the ability to make spontaneous photos helps photographers to catch the moment and to stay relatively invisible. The moments of love are the pieces of the entire puzzle that photo journalist has to collect. the best condition for him to work is when brides and guests do not care how they look and don’t pay any attention to professional photographer. Although our couple was experienced one, there was a shadow of tense and nervousness right before the wedding ceremony. It was another proof that the feelings are strong and true.

Prague wedding

Fortunately, after solemn ceremony and greetings Azat and Tatiana felt relaxed. Tiny Prague streets, fantastic light of the sun emphasized gracefulness and tenderness of the couple. Enjoy some lovely and gorgeous pics from this marriage.

Wedding in Prague

Romantic wedding of Azat and Tatiana in pictures. Enjoy and share!

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