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Wedding in Prague — photography: Liza and Denis

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[author_image timthumb=’on’]http://365weddings.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/wedding-manager-Vladimir-Novikov.jpg[/author_image] [author_info] Dear brides and readers, I am glad to be back after a long winter break and to announce that from this very moment our team will keep you updated about the most luxurious destinations available throughout the world for marriages and honey moon trips, about engagement photography and videography. Finally, wedding in Prague!

Get married in Prague

But enough of introduction, let’s come back to a very lovely and sweet couple Denis and Liza, who got married in Prague this spring. Together with the couple worked famous wedding and engagement photographer Artur Jakutsevich and a talented videographer Peter Tsvyd. They managed to create two interesting reports about the event. Let’s see what was the big day like![/author_info]

Wedding in Prague — getting ready

Denis and Liza got acquainted several years ago. He came to Prague to conquer the city and she as a young student entered one of the Universities. As a result of socialising their two paths came across and luckily after comparatively little time they spent together the decision was made. He offered — she agreed!

Wedding photographer in Prague Artur Jakutsevich

The wedding date was fixed for early April when spring come and all the gardens plunge into green colour, the sun becomes warmer and warmer. For tourists, couples, photographers and locals of course, spring is one of the beloved periods of the year. Therefore, I’m sure that you need to read till the end to see gorgeous wedding pictures.

Groom look in Prague wedding photo

Even if the couple seems not to worry, they do worry.

Wedding photographer in Prague Artur Jakutsevich started shooting from the very morning to capture precious moments when the bride is preparing for her big day and the groom hangs around waiting until he is allowed to see his princess. Another important thing of morning preparations is the parents’ care. They give advise, make snakes, and of course do their best to calm down the nerves. Even if the couple seems not to worry, they do worry.

Bride's morning in Prague photography

They eyes of the groom were watered, his hands were trembling, when he entered the living room and saw his love. Liza was waiting for him in her beauty with a little surprise hidden in her little belly. Yes! She was in delicate condition and decided to buy such a wedding dress, that will give the shape and highlight this cute round.

Wedding photo

Peter Tsvyd before joining the whole event went to the river side in order to film several time-lapse with gorgeous views of Prague. The brides wanted to have in their wedding video from Prague not only the event, but also the atmosphere of the city.

Wedding in Vrtba gardens

On the way to the Old Town Square City Hall Denis learnt that his best friend left his ID at home and could not “witness” the marriage. I should say that it was the only disappointing moment of the full event, tough it was very funny, because people started to rush around searching for a man with a passport. Luckily there was one.

Lovely bride in wedding pictures from Prague

As I said the limousine arrived to the City Hall closer to midday. There the civil marriage in Prague took place. As usually the ceremony was quite romantic and solemn. Guests came with lovely flowers and amazing mood.

Wedding ceremony in Old Town Square

Traditionally, after the rings were exchanged and the first newly married kiss was made, photographer and videographer stole the couple in order to processed with photo and video shooting around most romantic places. In the plan there were several locations:
• Old Town Square
• Prague Hrad
• Vrtba Garden

All the places are the most favourite ones for Denis and Liza, therefore they wanted to reflect them in wedding photos and highlights video.

Old Town Square and wedding photos

The most interesting feature of this attraction is that until 9 a.m. there are almost no people, but after the Astronomic clocks come closer to 12 a.m. hundreds of tourists come to the Old Square to enjoy the show. And it usually accrues that all of the get luck to see at least one newlywed couple.

Old town square wedding photos

The most open and active group for photography are italians and spanish youngsters. Try to find the brides in the picture!

Group wedding photo in Prague

Both  tourists and locals are very open and always congratulate bride and groom on their big day. This is kind of wedding tradition in Europe. Just the same situation happens in Italy. Artur Jakutsevich, wedding and engagement photographer told us about it in his article.

Gorgeous views from Prague Hrad

The next place to see and enjoy was Prague Hrad. The whole day round there are a lot of people down there due to several reasons. St. Vitus Cathedral attracts tourists like a huge magnet. And it is huge! Also the views over the famous red roofs and opens Hrad are being pictured every single moment by someone.

Prague hrad views photo

Here in Prague Hrad Deniz and Liza were really calm and even a bit serious. Denis told me later, that the place was very symbolic for their couple. They tried to come there every week to enjoy the views and at the moment they were already a family expecting a baby!

Vrtba Gardens

To escape from crowds and to let the couple enjoy the day, we decided to move to Vrtobska Zahrada (Garden), where very few random people can be met. The Garden is hidden behind the walls of Mala Strana, therefore it is a true romantic place to go to take photos after the wedding in Prague.

Wedding photographer in Prague Artur Jakutsevich

Several photos with classical views and of course some very funny!

Funny wedding photos in Prague

The end of the day Denis and Liza spent with their closest friends and relatives in the restaurant having dinner and celebrating their Prague wedding.

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