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Vrtba Gardens

Vtrba Gardens (Vrtbovská zahrada) is one of the most romantic places where you can get married in Prague. I did my best to collect all information about the place and of course attached real wedding reports: photo and video, so that you could imagine how gorgeous your big day may be, if planed and held in Vtrba Gardens.


The first news about Vrtba Garden in Prague come from the beginning of the XVII century, when duke Sezima from Vrtba bought several houses in the area of modern Mala Strana. His idea was to unite several constructions in one complex something. That was the palace. But after his death new owners decided to rebuild the palace and to make there a garden. So in 1720 Vrtba palace and gardens were given a new baroque style look. And this way it looks now. Literally speaking the place is a unique manifestation of ancient architecture with almost no changes.

Vrtba Gardens in Prague

Modern life of the Gardens

To my mind Vrtba Gardens is the most hidden attraction of Prague. Believe me or not, but not all locals know about the place. For tourists it is pretty hard to find the right turn and arch the leads there. Have a look at the map. Actually these gardens are perfectly located: 10 minutes walk from Prague Hrad and 5 minutes walk from Charles Bridge.

In 1990 it was decided to close the Gardens for renovation. A lot of elements that create incredible atmosphere of the place were almost ruined with time and weather. Historians and architectures did their best to save original look of the gardens and present new generations with knowledge about these unique construction. So in 1999 the first visitors saw the new old look of the place and the first wedding in Vrtba took place.


Dear brides, if you are going to get married in Prague, I strongly recommend you to consider the place as yours. There are a lot of reasons for it. The first and very essential to my mind is the fact that Vrba Gardens are very original. Just try to imagine, some 400 years ago this place looked quite the same. Of course in Czech Republic there are lots of such venues. But this one is never overcrowded with tourists, it is very romantic and so to say, family looking.

Wedding in Vrtba Gardens Prague

Wedding ceremony takes place in the  Sala Terrena. The procedure can be developed according to your personal wedding idea. But of course all the extra plans have to be discussed with your wedding planner. Both symbolic and religious ceremonies are possible. During the ceremony musicians play violin, piano and arpa. Champagne is can be served after the ceremony. All in all it takes about 30 minutes for engaged couple to get married.

Vrtba Gardens

Depending on plans of the couple, the manager of the gardens can give some time (usually 30-60 minutes) to make first wedding photos and record some video. From the first sight the place does not look very impressive, but after you get to the third ‘flour’ and see the panoramic view of Prague you be just happy.

Views from Vrtba Gardens

Though this place is really a hidden one, it is a very popular destination wedding location in Prague. Therefore if you plan to have you wedding in Vrtba Gardens you need to make the booking in advance. Bear in mind that the gardens are open only in the period between April and October that makes 6 months only. Below you may find several examples of real weddings that took place in Vrtba Gardens.

Below enjoy real weddings in Vrtba gardens of Prague pictured by professional photographer and event videographers. Ask any questions you have and feel free to comment and share this article.