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Luxury wedding in Warsaw: Slawomir and Julia

This wedding in Warsaw of Slawomir and Julia became a real example of how one should plan the most important day in life. From the first cup of tea I had with the couple while motivations it was evident, that event was sure to be great fun. The brides aimed at having celebration in the atmosphere of joy and love. But on other hand it meant to be a very luxury wedding. And it was so!

Luxury wedding in Warsaw

Getting ready — only together

The brides unlike many couples started their big day together in apartments with cup of coffee. There were no nerves and fuss, everything went smoothly. Slawomir was printing the trousers, Julja was busy with makeup and hair style. By the way she did everything herself and did it well. Her wedding dress hanging in the middle of the room was the only thing that reminded of the event! Generally, as Julia said, it was quite a normal morning.

Wedding dress in Warsaw

Parents were also around, getting ready, making morning breakfast for their little kids. Even they were not too emotional. It may seem that some days before the wedding they had a rehearsal and know perfectly well what tot do and how to behave. But emotions will start later!

Wedding in Warsaw

Wedding ceremony in Warsaw

The wedding ceremony in Warsaw was particularly grandeur. The brides were like peas and carrots. Everyone who saw Julia’s eyes full of emotions, could not have helped smiling and taken a picture with such a beautiful lady. Slawomir was very reserved, but happy as child.

Wedding ceremony in Warsaw

After the solemn ceremony newlyweds had several hours for themselves. So together with the wedding photographer from Prague they went for a tour around Warsaw. After some hours the guests were already patiently looking forward to seeing the brides in order to start the event. And finally the newlyweds arrived. The party started and it was a real luxury wedding!

The dinner

After several minutes of introduction to the program and first amazing dishes, the party was on. Since it was a Polish wedding, the tables were extremely stuffed with food and drinks.

Wedding dinner in Warsaw

The bridesmaids inflamed everyone with dances and emotions they shared. It was amazing, how many surprises the guests had prepared. It was evident that not only the brides got ready for the wedding, but also all the friends and relatives. Someone sang a song, the others danced.

Wedding in Warsaw

Although this luxury wedding in Warsaw was a real party, there were a lot of lyrical moments as well. The parents as usually gave a talking-to for their children’ future family life, shared their own experience and congratulated them on the big day. The only thing wedding photojournalist had to do was to catch moments of sincerity and love.

Wedding photographer

Slavomir was quite serious before the ceremony, but after first tunes of his favourite music, his mood was completely opposite. The groom managed to relax and started parting with the guests. Music, fun and love was in the air.

Wedding in Warsaw

Julia was a real princess. She was beaming with happiness, flitting and giving smiles to all the guests. The bride’s face shone with love when all the guests participated in polish traditional wedding game. That was a great fun.

Honeymoon idea

Late at night or better to say, early in the morning, when the wedding party was over and guests went to sleep Julia came up with an idea of having a honeymoon trip starting not from Warsaw, but from Prague. Slawomir agreed and just the following morning they discussed with Artur Jakutsevich all the details of possible honeymoon photo shooting in Prague. Spontaneous decisions are extremely cool!


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Wedding in Warsaw | Свадьба в Варшаве Славомира и Юли from Mongooses.TV studio on Vimeo.

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