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Welcome on www.365weddings.info. This wedding resource is created in order to show lovely brides and their future husbands best patterns of video and photo wedding reports produced by professional event photographers and videographers of Mongooses.TV Art Community. This union of talented people was organized by Alexander Znaharchuk and Artur Jakutsevich several years ago. So far Mongooses have had a lot of different marriages shot in more then 10 countries.

Our wedding photo and video studio is located in Prague, what makes it very mobile and flexible. We do not limit ourselves with borders and countries. Travelling is an indispensible part of our daily life, which helps us to stay creative and to be always ready to challenge any distance in order to film your destination wedding.

Wedding studio unites wedding photographers Artur Jakutsevich, Viktar Zdvizhkov with event videographers Alexander Znaharchuk and Kristina Kremko. Mongooses have carried out a lot of weddings together; therefore they have huge experience in teamwork. It results in great photos and videos from the ceremonies where brides get married.

What difference Mongooses.TV wedding photo and video studio in Prague from other European companies working in event sphere is that we are very flexible. Any event for us is a happening that no one from the team should ever interfere. Our cameramen are reporters with quick eye, professional equipment and unique vision of the situation.

All the works presented on this web site are waite for your comments and cross-post in facebook and other social networks. Don’t hesitate, share lovely wedding photos and romantic Highlights with you friends and relatives. Let the big day be interesting and full of emotions. Have a look at some of the wedding photo and video patterns below and book your best cameraman.

Vladimir Novikov, wedding studio Mongooses.TV manager [/author_info]

[learn_more caption=”Wedding in Chateau de Challain (France)”] Deep romantic. This is the best characteristics of wedding in Chateau de Chllain in France. Ekaterina and Jaroslav wanted to have a dstination wedding in Europe and they had it. Don’t miss one of the best Highlights of the 2012 produced by professional wedding videographers from Mongooses.TV

Wedding in a French Chateau. Ekaterina&Jaroslav, amazing wedding video. from Best wedding video & photo ever on Vimeo. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Wedding in Brest (Belarus)”] Kirill and Kate together with friends spent their big day dancing and celebrating one of the most important events in their lives. 2 million people have watched this wedding video on-line. Have you?

Кирилл и Катя – креативная свадьба в Бресте from Best wedding video & photo ever on Vimeo. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Wedding in Warsaw (Poland) and Love Stroy in Prague (Czech Republic”] Slawomir and Julja had great party at their wedding in Poland. Artur Jakutsevich together with Viktar Zdvizhikov were two professional wedding photographers to picture the whole event. After the ceremony Artur together with the couple went to Prague, where Slawomir and Julja had their love story photo shooting.

Slawomir & Julia, wedding in Warsaw, Love Story in Prague from Best wedding video & photo ever on Vimeo. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Wedding in Metzingen (Germany)”] Andreas and Tatjana invited professional wedding photographer and event videographers to film their wedding ceremony and party in Germany. It was an amazing event with big number of guests and many surprises plot. Wedding video in Germany, check it out.

Andreas & Tatiana wedding in Germany from Best wedding video & photo ever on Vimeo. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Wedding in St. Petersburg (Russia)”] Prfoessional wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich and event videographer Alexander Znaharchuk had a chance to spend a week in St. Petersburg filming video and taking photos of Russian wedding. The main heroes of the big day and love story were Pavel and Svetlana. Discover northern capital of Russia together with Mongooses.TV.

Pavel + Svetlana – wedding video in St. Petersburg from Best wedding video & photo ever on Vimeo. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Wedding in Sitges (Spain)”] Crazy and extreme wedding party after a romantic ceremony on the seaside was a huge surprise both for the guests and cameramen of Mongooses.TV studio. This extreme wedding of Julja and David in Sitges, a town near Barcelona, gave us pricious experience. Now we know how to amaze people with service we perform.

David & Julja. Bang-bang! Extreme wedding in Spain. Wedding video sample – Same Day Edit clip. from Best wedding video & photo ever on Vimeo. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Pre wedding video in Crimea (Ukraine)”] Pre wedding video in Crimea filmed by Alexander Znaharchuk,professional event videographer from Prague, will plunge the viewer into atmosphere of spring mountains and the Black Sea. Enjoy very romantic video clip about Andrej and Nadezhda’s story of love.

Andrew & Nadezhda – amazing Lovestory video in Crimea from Best wedding video & photo ever on Vimeo.


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