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Wedding photographer in Prague

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Vladimir Novikov — wedding planner

Hundreds of newlyweds get married start their long family life in the capital of Czech Republic – Prague. Among other European capitals such as Warsaw, Paris, Rome or Barcelona many people choose for their wedding this amazing city. Actually it is not so easy to answer the question, why they come to Czech for either the engagement trip or the solemn ceremony. May be lovers are attracted to Prague by its ancient beauty or the quality of wedding agencies service that correlates well with the prices. No one knows for sure.

On every wedding work a lot of people. Whether it is a manager or a professional wedding photographer in Prague or an event videographer, all of them do their best to make the big day interesting and easy-going. In order to create easy and at the same time solemn atmosphere organizers spend sleepless nights planning the event. They have to book all the venues, transport and restaurants, arrange flowers and other decorations. This work is invisible and it always seems that there is nothing as easy as to organize a wedding either in Prague or in any other European city.

The choice where to have wedding ceremony in Prague garden or in one of the Czech castles is very difficult, because every place has its history and atmosphere. For example one of the gardens in Praha — Vrtba garden is famous for its traditional ceremony with candles, Hluboka Castle is popular with the brides and photographers, because of its beauty and picturesque views.

In a place with such a big number of weddings one will always face the problem of choice. Among wedding agencies, wedding photographers in Prague, restaurants and all other components the couple has to choose the best ones. In this case recommendations will be a helping hand for them.

After the weddings I have visited Czech and Europe I came to the conclusion, that it is better to spend more time one planning and searching for a real wedding agency in Prague or other location, rather than spend nerves during the big day trying to correct the plan and find a cap for the guests. I will explain what I mean. There are a lot of companies offering extremely wide range of service starting from tours around Czech and Prague and finishing with the wedding ceremony organization. On the other hand there are another part of agencies working purely with couples and arranging beautiful and smooth wedding ceremonies in Prague and throughout Europe. Their aim is not the quantity, but the quality. The brightest example of perfect wed agency in Prague is HoneyWedding. Anna Libert is an enthusiastic manager able to solve any problem in advance so that the couple could plunge into the spirit of Love, Prague and the Wedding, without any worries and tension. She speaks Czech, English and German fluently.

Another person I would like to recommend is the wedding photographer in Prague is Artur Jakutsevich. He moved from Belarus to Europe several years ago and carries out various projects about photography. At first, photography was just a hobby. But after he became the first Belarusian in the Wedding Photojournalist Association – one of the prestigious associations in wedding business, Artur realized that he wants to be the best. Trips, new people, experience and wedding projects help him to improve as a professional cameraman.


About the author

[author_image timthumb=’on’]http://365weddings.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/wedding-photographer-in-prague.jpg [/author_image] [author_info]Artur Jakutsevich

To be a wedding photographer in such a city as Prague means to have great responsibility for the work you performs, because the competition is really strong here. A lot of good and not so good cameramen went to Czech from different parts of the world to work, since Prague is a magnetic city for the brides. Personally I like in Prague its atmosphere. Very strong and spiritual Old Town let people feel safe and cosy. Thus I always try to combine precious moments captured with Prague views. Other photographers highlight only the couple, the others — attractions, where the shooting takes place. Therefore it is pretty a task to choose your wedding photographer in Prague. What I can advice, is to follow your heart and eyes.[/author_info]

Now, Artur together with wedding photo and video studio Mongooses.TV located in Prague cooperates with clients from all over the world, especially from European and Asian countries: Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Singapore and China. And with every months the geography is getting wider and wider. The plans for the following several years is to film and shoot ceremonies in every country of the world. Sounds too ambitious?

[schema type=”person” name=”Artur Jakutsevich” orgname=”Mongooses.TV” jobtitle=”wedding photographer” url=”www.arturjakutsevich.com” description=”Professional wedding photographer in Prague, Artur Jakutsevich, is a talented and creative cameraman. His specialization is photojournalism. Artur is a member of WPJA. So far he has shared happy big days with brides from 11 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Slovakia and Singapore. He has been shooting weddings in Prague since 05.15.2010 ” city=”Prague” country=”CZ” phone=”+420774509060″ ]

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