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Wild west wedding video Alex and Lera


Her portraits were on every corner: a cute young lady with a gun. He saw her several times, while passing the corners of the streets. After a long day spent at work, Alex decided to drop in a saloon to have for a drink. The place was as usually field with common faces, someone drinking, the other almost sleeping in the corner. There was nothing special, just another Friday evening. He could not even think, that that day would be a special one. Soon his destiny will bring him to a wild west wedding.

Wild west wedding

Though the evening was just a normal one. The musician came and dewed the darkish bar with some lively sounds. The sleeping drunk got up; the barman was back to active work. The evening promised to be an interesting wild west one with hot party, guns and shouts. But suddenly happened unexpected.


Refreshed people started to hide themselves as though they saw a wolf. It was such a silence that even the ants stopped dragging crumbs on the floor. She came! That very lady wanted by the police and all the headhunters. No one and nothing could stop her.

She looked into His eyes. He offered the lady a drink. That was the very moment when his destiny twinkled. They both left the saloon without a word holding each other with a hand. After some time there were no more portraits and the whole city was celebrating an amazing Wild West wedding. Kidnapping, guns, and crazy dances filled the whole place.

Wild west wedding

When the bride was ready to meet her groom, someone put a sack on her had and took the bride to unknown direction. As it turned to be later, it was best friend of the groom, who had stolen the bride. Want to know the end of this wild west story? Watch the video above. Feel free to share the video and to post comments. Thank you in advance, dear reader!

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